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Howard Viken with Morey Amsterdam 1/16/67
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Blizzard coverage 5:30pm on 1/16/67
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Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame

Howard Viken

Inducted 2004

His 39-year career at WCCO Radio began as host of “Mr. Nobody,” yet Howard Viken went on to become one of the most recognized names in his home state of Minnesota.

A former Marine who fought in World War II in Guam and Iwo Jima, Viken returned to study speech and journalism at the University of Minnesota, and then continued on to further study broadcasting at Brown College. Viken’s shows were filled with jokes and wit. In fact, in response to management’s dictum to “be fun and be yourself,” he led broadcasting into a new era. Just as his predecessor, Cedric Adams, set the standard for a casual and spontaneous on-air style, Viken was the first to successfully transition into the creative and high-energy morning show format that is commonplace today. His shows were an extension of his personality; he joked around and hammed it up unlike anyone before him, respecting the past, yet blazing new ground with every show. If he liked a song or comedy routine, he figured his audience would, too––and he was right. And then there’s that voice. Deep, smooth and playful, it’s pure Howard Viken.