Tom H. Jones

Tom Jones on Vimeo

Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame

Tom H. Jones

Inducted 2009

A strong childhood interest in music and radio established Tom Jones’ destiny as a radio broadcaster. 
In 1952, he started Tom Jones Recording Studio, and in 1960, he received the Medal of Commendation for his installation of Radio Station KURE at the U.S. Army hospital in the Huachuca Mountains.

In 1965, he built radio station KNXR operating at 97.5 FM in Rochester, Minnesota.  Since December 24th of that year, KNXR has continuously broadcast quality programming, including the John Doremus program, Patterns in Music, that is enjoyed by listeners as far away as the Twin Cities. 

In 1994, Jones moved KNXR and Tom Jones Recording Studio into the newly completed, award-winning building he designed.  In 1999, he formed a new non-profit corporation, Rochester Public Radio, and his second station KRPR began broadcasting full-time from the new KNXR building, continuing Jones’ mission of uplifting people for a hundred miles around him with the power and the universal language of music.