Jeanne Arland Peterson

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Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame

Jeanne Arland Peterson

Inducted 2005

Musician extraordinaire, Jeanne Arland Peterson used her voice and piano talents to become one of the greatest radio and television entertainers in Minnesota history. A child prodigy, she began playing piano at age three, and didn't have a formal lesson until she was fifteen, learning only then the names of the notes and chords she'd been playing all along. While still in high school, she landed a job as staff vocalist and pianist with WCCO Radio, and her music delighted WCCO listeners and WCCO TV viewers for more than twenty years, as she appeared on programs including "Breakfast With Bob," "As You Like It," "WCCO Barn Dance," "Play or Pay," "Show Boat," and "Good Neighbor Time," working with Bob DeHaven, Cedric Adams, Don Stolz, Toby Prin, Bill Metchnek, Tony Grise, and her late husband, Willie Peterson.

Jeanne is known for her charitable work with organizations such as the Association for Retarded Citizens. She and Judy Garland are the only women members of the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame. A winner of the Arts Midwest Jazz Masters Award, and one of the finest jazz pianists anywhere, Jeanne has performed with such stars as Bob Hope, Perry Como, Roy Eldridge and George Benson.

Jeanne passed away June 23, 2013 at the age of 91.