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Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame

Doris Aufderheide

Inducted 2004

For a half-century, Doris Aufderheide was a fixture at KNUJ New Ulm, serving up recipes and helpful information to listeners throughout the region.

Doris began her career at KNUJ on November 1, 1954, and she was a valuable member of the office staff ever since, serving in every office job in radio. In 1960, she began broadcasting community events news in addition to her behind-the-scenes work, a role that was later expanded to include listener recipes. Her last daily broadcasts were delivered with as much passion as the day she first began. She held the highest standards for accuracy within her broadcasts, and was completely devoted to the station. During her 50 years at KNUJ, remarkably, Doris only missed four days due to illness. In fact, her program was certainly one of the longest continuously run and locally hosted programs in Minnesota––if not the nation. And, on the 50th anniversary of KNUJ in 1999, Doris created a KNUJ cookbook that went on to sell 2,000 copies. Her longevity, commitment to community service, humor, and hometown warmth were just a few of the attributes for which she earned a legendary status among her legions of listeners throughout the region.

Doris passed away, at the age of 79, on February 13, 2005.