Eleanor Mondale Poling

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Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame

Eleanor Mondale Poling

Inducted 2013

Eleanor Mondale may have been the daughter of a United States Vice-President, but she made her own way as an accomplished broadcaster with an extensive resume.  She began her journalism career at KABC-TV in Los Angeles in 1985, but got her first break in radio as a helicopter reporter at WMAQ in Chicago.  She also worked as the Midwest Correspondent for the nationally syndicated Rock 'n’ Roll Evening News.

In 1986 Mondale contributed to programs at powerhouse Chicago station WGN-AM before moving over to WCKG-FM as a news anchor and the morning show co-host.  In 1988 she took a leave to collaborate on a book about the children of U.S. presidents.

In 1989 Mondale became an entertainment reporter for WCCO-TV in Minneapolis before moving on with a career that would take her to every major market in the country.
Eleanor Mondale came back home to Minnesota, joining WCCO-AM as a morning show host in 2006.  After a valiant battle with brain cancer, Eleanor Mondale Poling passed away September 17, 2011, at the age of 51.

Inducted September 29, 2013