Jerry Miller

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Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame

Jerry Miller

Inducted 2003

A consummate engineer who believes in the power and potential of broadcasting, Jerry Miller’s career has taken him from crystals, tubes, and transistors to integrated circuits, computers, and satellites, from radio to digital television.

He began in 1954 as a studio recording technician for what is now KBEM FM Minneapolis/Saint Paul, and worked as an engineer at Twin Cities stations WMIN and WLOL from 1956 to 1963, before beginning his 32-year tenure at WCCO. As chief engineer, he was responsible for its high technical standards, and built the nation’s first touch-screen automation system. He also served in the Air National Guard, and contributed to the early days of Twin Cities Public Television. Since 1996, he has conducted FCC Alternative Inspections in eleven states, benefiting stations with his skills in engineering and teaching, and a lifetime of professionalism, concern, involvement, and compassion. He carries the message that broadcasting is a good place to work and to grow, to marry the ideals of competition, good citizenship, business acumen, and ethics. The response is universally positive. People walk away from meeting him with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Sadly, on December 6, 2005, Jerry Miller died of complications from ALS at the age of 67.