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Newest Postings:
"The Cannon Slump" on KGO-AM (810) San Francisco, from 4/7/1958

With Herb Brooks calling Gopher Hockey on WCCO-AM (830) from 1/24/1986,
part 1,   part 2

KSTP-AM (1500) from 9/22/1971 with Morgan Mundane and Contemporary Collins.

KSTP-AM (1500) from 11/4/1966 with Ma Linger and Bob Ryan

KSTP-AM (1500) from 12/21/1964 with Contemporary Collins, Ma Linger, and Bob Ryan

WLOL-AM (1330) from 3/1/1957 with Leigh Kamman

WLOL-AM (1330) "Noontime Slump" from 7/19/1957

Sound clips from the last radio show on October 3, 1997:
Opening segment
The Pink Slip
Leon Redbone 86's the Cannon Mess
The Funerial March
Morgan Mundane Predicts
Cannon & Sid Hartman
Cannon & Sid Hartman 2
The Cannon Calendar
Cannon Cough Button
Duet with brother Harold

Other sound clips:
Play opening theme
Play closing theme

Personal Piece by Tom Mischke